Business Services

I help business families with all things legal: building companies,
negotiating contracts, saving taxes, protecting assets — and
represent them in court whenever needed

The starting point is deciding how to best organize your business: I consult with you and help form and structure all types of business entities: LLCs, S-Corporations, Partnerships, and Proprietorships, and provide tax consultations as well.

During formation, I help you draft the operating documents to guide the partners or members in deciding in advance how the company will be run, how decisions will be made, how votes are taken, what tie-breaker mechanisms will apply, and what happens in the event of death, divorce, or withdrawal of a partner or member.

Texas law is very strong to collect balances owed on unpaid trade receivables owed by customers. I can guide you through choices of suits on sworn account, breach of contract, or equitable remedies such as quantum merit or quantum valebant.

After obtaining a Judgment, I assist my clients in cash collection of the Judgment by all means available under the law, including abstracts of judgment liens, sending a sheriff to collect under a writ of execution, levies, post-judgment discovery, receiverships, and garnishment.

For ongoing support of the business, I offer Registered Agent Services, and assist the company with Contracts, Equity and Debt Financing, Business and Financial Planning, Real Estate Transactions, Receivable Collections, Franchise Taxes, Property Taxes, and Business Income Taxation.

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